Welcome to Mills Horsemanship & Hoofcare!

What’s new in 2022?

I’m excited to announce that after 15+ years of knowing and working with L Seven Quarter Horses, I’ll be working more closely with them this year and training on-site.

Here in western Nebraska, I’m lucky to be surrounded by gorgeous views and some awesome horsemen I get to call friends and clients.

My background

I’m grew up riding cowhorses and working on feedlots in cattle county, but I also have a passion for dressage and biomechanics, as well as clicker training, so my approach is both practical and eclectic.

I’ve been training for the public for over 15 years, mostly colt starting and ‘problem’ or unhandled horses.

However, I’ve been enjoying doing more rider biomechanics and dressage lessons with a few students here recently…

I loved traveling around the panhandle as a hoofcare professional for about a dozen years, as well, but had to retire my shoulders. I miss the horses and clients dearly and still love to trim as I can…

My philosophy

My belief is that I can best serve the horse by having as diverse a toolbox as possible, meeting each client and horse right where they are in their unique situation.

Student of the horse…

To best serve the diversity of horses and clients, I’ve pursued a judge’s license for North American Western Dressage & The Ranch Program, and become an Approved TIP Trainer for the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

I utilize positive reinforcement in my coaching as a certified TAGteacher, as well as in my horsemanship with clicker training, which I mix with traditional and natural horsemanship approaches.

Clicker training makes liberty a blast!

I also enjoy finding consilience between the traditions of the School of Légèreté and the Californio Vaquero.

Whole-Horse Horsemanship…

I spent several years working with inmates in a correctional facility with equine facilitated therapy, and I integrate a lot of what I learned there into my horsemanship. I consider my approach trauma-informed and integrate polyvagal theory and somatic work into my horsemanship.

I would describe my approach as whole-horse horsemanship, as I believe the emotional, mental, and physical must be taken into account, including hoofcare, bodywork, rehabilitational groundwork and rehabilitational ridden work, as well as choosing and fitting equipment carefully (bit selection & fitting, bitless options, careful hackamore shaping and fitting in the Californio tradition, etc).

Learn from every horse and horseman you meet…

I have a lot of fun with every horse and horseman I meet. They teach me something new every day.

Keep riding the spiral path and enjoy the journey in 2022…

I’ll see you there!

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