Welcome to Mills Horsemanship & Hoofcare!

My name is Andrea Mills. I train out of Hill School Barn, a small facility in the North Platte River Valley between the Sandhills and the Wildcat Hills of Western Nebraska.

I’m grew up riding cowhorses and working on feedlots in cattle county, but I also have a passion for dressage and biomechanics, as well as clicker training, so my approach is both practical and eclectic.

My philosophy is that I can best serve the horse by having as diverse a toolbox as possible, meeting each client and horse right where they are in their unique situation.

To best serve the diversity of horses and clients, I’ve pursued my license as a judge for North American Western Dressage, a judge with The Ranch Program, and have become an Approved TIP Trainer for the Mustang Heritage Foundation. I also utilize Positive Reinforcement in my coaching as a certified TAGteacher, as well as in my horsemanship with clicker training, which I mix with traditional horsemanship.

I spent several years working with inmates in a correctional facility with equine facilitated therapy, and I now utilize a lot of what I learned there in my horsemanship; for instance, polyvagal theory, and limbic and somatic work, and how it relates to trauma recovery and building connection.

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