I wear this belt buckle every day.

It describes the path I’ve found myself on pretty well.

My journey may look different than others.

My place in the industry is different than others.

I make a living riding horses and starting colts for the general public in cowboy country in rural Nebraska.

I also happen to be very passionate about science-based training and positive reinforcement training, also known as clicker training.

The difficult horsemanship decisions I have to make every day that attempt to balance my principles with purpose – balance what I think is best for the horse with the demands of their domestic life – may be different than the decisions others have to make.

My decisions may not resonate with everyone, and that’s ok!

The advantage of being an observer of my journey is that you can simply scroll past these difficult decisions that may not resonate with you, and focus on your own journey. That is where you are needed!

It’s not your job to worry about these things, it’s my job! 😊
And I love my job. Nothing is more rewarding than finding a solution for a horse that improves their journey.

We aren’t meant to travel the same path.

Our diversity is what allows us as individuals to positively influence horsemanship from within our own niches in the industry, so that we can evolve horsemanship collectively.

I’ve spent the morning deleting comments that attack the character of other trainers.

I support other trainers and am not in the habit of attacking them publicly.

We all have our niche in the industry, and there are a lot of horsemen who have helped evolve our horsemanship who I respect immensely, even though I may do things differently than them.

I’ve also deleted some negative comments about the decisions I have to make every day in regards to balancing science-based training and positive reinforcement with traditional techniques and tools.

While I respect the opinions of others, this is not a place for simply dumping negative feedback, with no opportunity for positive dialogue.

I understand not everything I post is going to resonate with everyone, but when we’re really in it for the horse, I think we can have friendly discussions about real concerns without getting sucked into the quicksand of just airing our disagreements for the sake of it.

If we can’t have friendly discussions, it may be time to keep scrolling or even unfollow, and focus on our own journeys and how we can most positively influence our own circles.

Wherever your journey finds you, may you find yourself putting principles into action, both with horses and people.

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