2022 Rates

Weekly services are billed in arrear each Friday.

Any additional expenditures will be billed at the time of service.

Payments are due in full the following Monday.

Late payments will pause services, with a $10 late fee incurred and doubling each Monday.

Paying in arrear and per session allows clients to ‘pay as they go,’ instead of paying a fixed 30, 60 or 90-day rate in advance.


$35 per session

Feed and board are billed separately from training to account for variability in session scheduling.

Tying Week

$10 a day

I’ve started transitioning new horses into training by including a preliminary ‘Tie Week,’ where they get to hang out near me and the other horses while we work and ride.

This has proven a great way for new horses to get used to the sights and sounds and coming and goings of people and horses, so that they can relax and focus on learning when training week begins.

I use blocker tie rings to help keep tying low-stress, and with their own hay bag and molasses lick, it quickly becomes a horse’s favorite part of the day.

Tying with buddies, and switching up tying buddies, and eventually tapering to tying alone, helps us avoid or address separation anxiety, as well.

This can be a stand-alone service for horses who just need more exposure with tying, or who struggle with separation anxiety, as well as horses simply needing prepped for consignment.

Weekly Feed Rate

$25 + $20 Board

  • Herd boarding. Free for horses in training. Drama-free herd.
  • Free-choice low-NSC grass hay in slow feeder nets
  • Free-choice salt block
  • Free-choice Purina 12:12 block
  • Alfalfa hay buffer bag and vitamin/mineral lick for tying
  • Alfalfa or Timothy pellets for sessions

Prioritizing the 3 F’s: Friends, Forage, and Freedom, provides a low-stress environment and avoids the anxiety, weight loss, and ulcers common for horses in training, and I’ve never had a colic.


Draft Horse Rate


I’ve also added a couple more F’s: Forage & Fat, to provide a gut-friendly, calm source of calories for horses who need a little extra…

Forage-Based Weight Gain


• • • • • • • • • •

High-Fat Weight Gain


For unhandled horses or those who need to be kept separate…

Individual Run


Hoof Trimming


$75 Draft Horse Rate

I’m retired from trimming professionally, so hoofcare is reserved for TRAINING OR CONSIGNMENT CLIENTS ONLY.

Horses with extra long hooves, or horses needing training to allow trimming, will incur an additional $35 session rate.


10% Consignment Fee

Tie & Consign

$50/ week

Horses will be caught and tied daily and groomed and prepped for consignment.

Photos, video, web listing, and buyer screening included.

Horses will be assessed for basic soundness, but no training assessments will be made for buyers.

Hoofcare and training sessions to allow for grooming and prepping will be billed separately.

Train & Consign